Infrared illuminators

Infrared illuminators are manufactured based on high performance lighting. Emitting arrays and light emitting diodes.

Unique designs and processing technology developed by the company’s specialist allow increasing each elements emission intensity significantly.  Our products vided in to three groups according to the application purpose and technical characteristics.

IR illuminators are applied:

  • When covert video surveillance is needed.
  • In conditions of insufficient lighting in night video surveillance systems, security and access control systems.
  • In case energy efficiency is one of the main decision – making criteria when choosing illumination type (perimeter protection, protection of big industrial enter poses imply high running cost.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable Range:

  • RG 6 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 8 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 11 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 58 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 59 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 62 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 174 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 178 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 213 Infrared illuminators
  • RG 316 Cable cable cable cable cable

Applications: cable cable cable cable  cable 

  • Closed circuit TV , CATV , MATV , Drop Cable , Broadcast


Our Wide Range 1.6 KVA ~ 6 KVA UPS Allows system integrators more flexibility in designing their backup power system to maximize space. With the rotatable LCD design, installers can mount the UPS vertically or horizontally

  • Double Conversion
  • Continuous battery charger and inverter for primary power path
  • Constant battery connection to inverter and load
  • Guaranteed full power operation during power failure
  • No voltage drop and zero transfer time
  • Light weight unit
  • Hot-swappable battery
  • User-friendly Graphic LCD
  • 19” Rack Mount or Vertical Tower Type